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Multitek - UK

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Multitek Ltd manufacture an extensive range of Precision Power Transducers, Monitoring Relays, Digital Panel Meters, Kilowatt Hour Meters and Digital Power Metering Systems.
Multitek is a completely self contained manufacturer, who wind all their own transformers, mould their own cases, assemble all printed circuit boards and sub-assemblies and print in house all labels for their products.
All products are designed at the factory by our team of design and production engineers, who draw on over 50 years experience in the power measurement and control industry.
The products are designed to the latest international standards and the ever changing requirements of our customers. All production, calibration and test equipment is traceable to international standards.
The worldwide market is served by exclusive distributors in over 35 countries.

Company History

Multitek Ltd is a privately owned company that was founded in 1989.
Its policy then, which still remains, is to be experts in the design and manufacture of products for the power measuring and control industry.

Its first goal was to design a range of high accuracy transducers that would be marketed through distributors at a competitive price that would match or better any existing competitor?s product.
During 1990 / 1991 the M100 series range of transducer was launched.

In 1992 the company moved to larger premises. The company policy is to reinvest its profit in people, plant and machinery and during this year mould tools were designed and purchased for both the 100mm and 55mm cases. During 1992 the second product range was completed and launched this being the M200 monitoring relays. Again the same criteria of high accuracy, quality and competitive price was met.

1993 saw expansion through new distributors in various parts of the world. By the end of 1993 Multitek had 10 exclusive distributors.

1994 marked a big investment when the company moved to its present day site which is a purpose built factory. Also during the year two further product ranges were launched the M300 series digital meters and M400 series earth fault relays.

1995 saw the launch of the M600 kilowatt hour meter range. New literature for all product ranges presenting a corporate image to Multitek?s worldwide market. U.L. Approval for all of its products was also obtained, this enabled Multitek to expand its US market considerably. The Company?s continual policy of reinvestment of profit in plant and equipment continued with the purchase of new test equipment and a new transformer winding machine which effectively doubled the output capacity of both the calibration and transformer winding sections.

1996 saw an increase in sales through a more focused approach to marketing and appointing of distributors. By the end of 1996 the Company had 30 distributors covering over 35 countries. During the year approval was given by an external body that all Multitek's products meet the European requirements for CE mark. This was a major achievement for Multitek.

1997 saw another major step for Multitek it was decided for the first time that the company would develop microprocessor based products providing communication. This type of product was relatively new to the power industry that Multitek served, but it was felt that intelligent products that could communicate need to form part of Multitek's long term future. This meant a major investment in personnel, equipment and a large learning curve for the company. One major investment being the purchase of surface mount placement machine.

1998 saw a further increase in sales through new products such as the M800, increased awareness of the Multitek products by Multinational companies and appointments of new distributors.

1999 saw the introduction of a unique product range know as the MultiGen. The MultiGen is a digital measuring instrument designed primarily for the generating set market for a replacement of analogue meters and relays. The MultiGen measures and displays Volts, Amps, Frequency, Oil Pressure, Coolant Temperature, Hour Run, DC battery volts and has the option of RS485 communication and relays for under pressure and over temperature. This product group underlines Multitek's move towards designing products that have the ability to communicate.

2000 During the first half of the year Multitek have introduced a 3 phase digital multifunction transducer know as MultiTran. The MultiTran measures over 40 parameters all which can be addressed through the RS485 port or be assigned to any of the 3 analogue outputs. Responding to market demands for smaller products with more functions at lower price, Multitek have redesigned the highly successful M800 MultiDin, reducing the size and cost by 50% whilst retaining the high accuracy and quality of the MultiDin.



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