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Citect - Australia

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Citect Industrial Automation:

Citect is the world's largest independent supplier of SCADA, industrial automation and Industrial Information Management (IIM) solutions. 30 years experience specializing in innovative, reliable and cost effective products enables Citect to maximize the value it provides to its customers. Focused on producing high quality SCADA software and IIM solutions, Citect delivers added value through data integration, technological excellence and superior customer service.





Citect Products


Industrial Automation Software and Industrial Information Management (IIM) Solutions:


Citect SCADA
CitectSCADA is the system of choice when you require a reliable, flexible and high performance system for any industrial automation monitoring and control application.

Whether you need an easy-to-use operator interface with networked reporting capability, or an entire client/server HMI/SCADA system spanning multiple plants on different continents, you can do it all with CitectSCADA.


Citect SCADA Batch 
CitectSCADA Batchâ„¢ enables customers to lower their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by delivering a highly flexible, scalable batch management solution to increase productivity and achieve consistent high quality. Providing unrivalled reliability, this easy-to-use offering integrates tightly with existing systems and facilitates compliance with international regulations. Citect's Batch Automation solution is FDA compliant.



Citect SCADA Reports 
CitectSCADA Reports helps your plant and IT personnel to optimize data usage by providing a powerful, enterprise-wide reporting tool that collects, historizes and delivers meaningful reporting data from multiple, disparate systems. By using the information provided by CitectSCADA Reports, you are able to make more effective decisions to optimize operational performance.



Citect Facilities

CitectFacilities is an open and integrated facilities management solution specifically designed to manage large building environments. It connects multiple sites and multiple functions. CitectFacilities will integrate all your facilities’ systems including HVAC, lighting and access control, across your entire enterprise, to help you lower operating costs, improve tenant services and reduce energy consumption. CitectFacilities connects to multiple vendor hardware. It provides enterprise-wide monitoring and control while helping you maximize energy efficiency to the benefit of both the environment and stakeholders.



Ampla is a next-generation manufacturing execution system (MES) that improves plant efficiency and bottom-line profitability. Ampla connects to multiple plant and business systems and automates the real-time gathering, analysis, and presentation of data, allowing management to focus on designing and implementing improvements.