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The perfect team

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Multiparameter controller Liquiline CM442 and its sensors



The Perfect Team



Teamed up to reach your targets fasterTeamed up to reach your targets faster

The multiparameter controller Liquiline CM442 opens completely new dimensions for your measuring point. Together with sensors for six parameters, this team covers all applications. Its ease of use and maintenance guarantees operational safety. All devices speak the same language based on the Memosens protocol. This enables plug & play of the sensors and modules. Our complete concept supports you in achieving your goals of cost optimization and plant security.




One for all – the key to highest flexibility and maximum safety
Liquiline CM442 is not only a controller – it is the heart of the new Endress+Hauser liquid analysis platform. Its hardware and software are also integrated in the new stationary sampler Liquistation CSF48 and portable sampler Liquiport CSP44. Standardized and clear operation over all systems is becoming reality.




Easy to useEasy to use

The connection and software concept is uniform for all parameters, making operation as easy as ABC. Standardized modules give you added flexibility when expanding and customizing your measuring point since the smart software detects and integrates the modules automatically. With this plug & play principle also sensors are easily connected and detected and, return reliable values immediately.
The navigator gives you added comfort. It allows you to scroll through the menus swiftly and easily even when you are wearing gloves.




Simple to maintainSimple to maintain

Thanks to the Memosens technology, all you need to do to calibrate the measuring point is disconnect the sensor and replace it with a precalibrated one. The calibration is done in the comfort of the laboratory with everything at hand. The exchange of electronic modules is just as simple, the controller detects and integrates the new modules automatically. Software updates are also a matter of a few minutes, since the new sofware can be installed using an SD card.




MEMO SENSFit for the future
Liquiline CM442 is investment-proof. Even if you buy a one-channel system today, later upgrades with additional outputs, sensor inputs and more are absolutely easy, fast and cost-effective.